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13 Summer Recipe Favorites

This week, we’re going to take a leisurely and delicious walk down memory lane to check out 13 Summer Recipe Favorites. I’ve got everything from iced tea to homemade ice creams and no churn ice creams and easy homemade sauces to top ice cream…Oh! And candy and cobbler and short cake and pie! Are you ready?

Let’s start with a refreshing beverage…

Fresh Peach Iced Tea, made with an easy peachy simple syrup with options to use as a clear syrup, as a syrup with the peaches in it or as a peachy puree.
Fresh Peach Iced Tea

Fresh Peach Iced Tea  Tea is my beverage of choice if I’m not drinking water. Iced tea is my beverage of choice all summer long. Normally, I like just plain unsweetened iced tea, but for a special treat, I like to add peaches. I make a fresh peachy simple syrup and give you options to use it as a clear syrup, fruit filled syrup or peach puree. Then, just add it to taste to your favorite brewed tea. Sip it and say, ahhhhhh!

Fresh Lemonade. Fresh squeezed lemon juice is used to make a juicy simple syrup that's perfect for lemonade and other drinks and sweets.
Fresh Lemonade

Fresh Lemonade – Make some fresh lemon simple syrup and you’ll have fresh squeezed lemonade ready whenever you are. What’s great about a simple syrup? You can adjust each glass to taste. Just pour in desired amount to water, add ice and enjoy.

Seaport Salty Swirl Ice Cream is full of chocolate covered pretzels and peanuts, then swirled with salted caramel and peanut butter sauces.
Seaport Salty Swirl Ice Cream

Seaport Salty Swirl Ice Cream – This is one of the best ice creams I’ve ever eaten at an ice cream shop. This is the recipe from Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream. It’s chock full of chocolate covered pretzels and salty peanuts, swirled with salted caramel and peanut butter sauces all in a rich and creamy vanilla base. Seriously, one of the very best ice creams EVER! Dust off that ice cream maker because this one is worth every bit of effort you’ll put into it. (Or, just head up to Mystic, Connecticut and order a double scoop :)

Ultimate S'mores Ice Cream. Over the top flavor with roasted marshmallows, creamy dark chocolate ganache and tender graham cracker crust!
Ultimate S’mores Ice Cream

Ultimate S’mores Ice Cream – This ice cream is full of roasty, toasty marshmallows, creamy dark chocolate ganache and chunks of graham cracker crust. Yeah, it’s not named, “Ultimate,” for nothin’. It’s also been declared the best ice cream my husband has ever tasted. Ever ever. I know. It’s got to be some seriously good stuff. Trust me. It is.

No Churn Nutella Cheesecake Ice Cream. A NEW kind of no churn ice cream made with whipped cream and cream cheese! Super rich, creamy and delicious!

No Churn Nutella Cheesecake Ice Cream – So maybe you don’t have an ice cream maker or simply don’t want to deal with making a traditional ice cream. This No Churn Nutella Cheesecake Ice Cream fits the bill. Just whip it up in one bowl with an electric mixer and freeze it. It’s pretty rich, so small scoops are best, but it is oh so delicious!

Mini Vanilla Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches. A super easy, quick and fun frozen treat with endless flavor possibilities!
Mini Vanilla Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

Mini Vanilla Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches Perhaps you don’t want to make any ice cream. Your idea of no churn  ice cream is picking up a half gallon at the store :) Well, have I got some fun ideas for you! Mini Vanilla Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches! You’re going to want to make a bunch and stash them in your freezer. Perfect make ahead for parties for young and old alike. I give you a bunch of ideas for using vanilla wafers with fun fillings and toppings.

Mini Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches. Use a cream filled cookie as your base to create mini desserts in your favorite flavors!
Pistachio Gelato Fudge Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Mini Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches Part 2 – Yep, we loved this idea so much, I did a second post on it. In Part 2, we dive into cream filled sandwich cookies and a whole host of other fun flavors from pistachio to birthday cake to cookies and cream!

10 Minute Buttermilk Caramel Sauce Round 2. This rich, buttery caramel sauce comes together in minutes. Round 2 has been updated with step by step photos.
10 Minute Buttermilk Caramel Sauce

10 minute Buttermilk Caramel Sauce – This is my favorite choice for a quick and easy caramel sauce. It’s so good you’re going to want to put it on everything! It’s buttery and caramelly and warm and delicious. Use it to top ice cream, cake, pancakes, waffles….a spoon. Make it in one pan and 10 minutes later, boom! Caramel sauce that will taste better than just about anything you buy in a jar. Do it.

Chewy Hot Fudge Sauce. This is the hot fudge that gets gloriously soft and chewy when it hits your ice cream. Never sticky, just perfectly delicious!
Chewy Hot Fudge Sauce

Chewy Hot Fudge Sauce – Top your ice cream with THIS! Chewy, ooey, gooey hot fudge sauce! Yes! This is that amazing hot fudge sauce that gets chewy when it hits cold ice cream! It’s so chewy and fudgy but it won’t stick to your teeth! It’s another super easy sauce to make. You might find that you like it so much that you end up adding ice cream to your hot fudge sauce instead of vice versa. (I’m not kidding :) You have to try this one!

Chocolate Covered Blueberry Clusters. Fresh, plump and juicy blueberries are covered in dark and white chocolates for a refreshingly sweet summer treat!
Chocolate Covered Blueberry Clusters

Chocolate Covered Blueberry Clusters – What a simple but delicious idea! You’ve heard of chocolate covered strawberries, why not chocolate covered blueberries? I had some of these juicy clusters at the shore and I knew I had to come home and make some myself. Another super easy recipe and a fun twist on chocolate covered fruit.

Strawberry Shortcake. A delicious biscuit based shortcake that's lightly sweetened and sturdy enough to stand up to juicy fruits and ice cream toppings.
Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake – This is for those of you who love a biscuit based shortcake. It’s also for those of you who love my biscuit and scone recipes. I created a cross between the two and it makes the perfect base for some fresh, juicy strawberries or your favorite fruit. Don’t forget the ice cream and whipped cream! When the shortcake soaks up strawberry juice and melted cream…well, that’s pretty much a perfect bite for me 😊

Georgia Peach Cobbler. Fresh peaches, lightly spiced and sweetened with two kinds of sugar are baked under a delicious sweet biscuit topping!
Georgia Peach Cobbler

Georgia Peach Cobbler – This is another great choice for my fellow biscuit and scone lovers and is sort of a cousin to my Strawberry Shortcake. But this one is warm…which is totally okay for a perfect summer dessert because we’re going to top it with a mandatory scoop of vanilla ice cream to cool it off. For those of you who like to play around with recipes, I give all kinds of options in the post to make this delicious cobbler your own.

Easy Banoffee Cream Pie pairs the short cut of dulce de leche with the twist of adding cream cheese. A drizzle of Nutella syrup takes it over the top!
Easy Banoffee Cream Pie

Easy Banoffee Cream Pie – Finally, I have to include this because it’s one of the favorite things I’ve posted this year….and it’s sooooo easy to make! If you’re a banana cream pie lover, this is a twist that I think you’ll really love. Imagine a no bake caramel cheesecake layer, topped with fresh bananas and then freshly whipped cream. Drizzle on some melted Nutella, sprinkle with toffee chips and get ready for one creamy, dreamy bite of heaven!

So there you have it. 13 Summer Recipe Favorites. Make one or make them all!

C’mon, that was a fun walk, wasn’t it?

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