Chocolate Covered Blueberry Clusters

chocolate covered blueberry clusters

I’m still riding the no bake bandwagon with these Chocolate Covered Blueberry Clusters.

Chocolate Covered Blueberry Clusters. Fresh, plump and juicy blueberries are covered in dark and white chocolates for a refreshingly sweet summer treat!

It’s been a crazy summer here. We rarely get sick in this house but apparently our number came up in June and we’ve spent the better part of the summer in a constant rotation of maladies. My husband has gone scot-free (let’s all knock wood!) but the rest of us? Ugh! Emergency rooms, hospital stays, endless trips to the doctor, tests and more tests.

What has that meant for the summer? Well, one of my kids didn’t get to enjoy the last week of school, we had summer camps canceled, vacations delayed and all other activities planned… Continue reading

One Bowl Brittle Bark

One Bowl Brittle Bark

You know how when you think you’ve “invented” something new….

One Bowl Brittle Bark-6

And you even come up with a name, like One Bowl Brittle Bark, and pat yourself on the back because it’s both descriptive and catchy?  And then you google it and find out that it’s not new?  Yeah.  This is one of those times.  Another blogger once told me never to google anything, just make it and be happy. This time I made it, packaged it for teacher treats and was really excited about it…. and then I googled it. Sigh. But hey, I’m still happy because this stuff is really good.  And it’s fast… Continue reading

Chocolate Stout Cake Crumb Truffles

Chocolate Stout Cake Crumb Truffles

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.


When life gives you leftover ganache and cake crumbs, make Chocolate Stout Cake Crumb Truffles. This post is for those of you who made the Chocolate Stout Cupcakes filled with Irish Cream. We’re going to use the leftovers from that recipe. If you didn’t make it, there’s still time. Those were some deeee-licious cupcakes. They are a perfect chocolate treat for St. Patrick’s Day festivities and destined to be a new tradition at our house.

I don’t want to confuse these truffles with cake truffles, which are generally cake pops without the stick. For those that missed that giant trend, it’s basically… Continue reading

Strawberry Chocolate Bark

Strawberry Chocolate Bark

This idea was too pretty not to share.


Strawberry Chocolate Bark.  Instead of chocolate covered strawberries, we have strawberry covered chocolate.  How cool is that?  I’d like to say that I thought of this idea myself, but I actually saw it in Food Network Magazine.  I was inspired and I wanted to share it with you in case you didn’t see it for yourself.  (See? I’ve got your back :)

Strawberry Chocolate Bark REV

It’s also the week of Valentine’s Day and it’s all strawberry, cream and chocolate this week in my kitchen.  I didn’t exactly plan it that way.  My editorial calendar… Continue reading

New Year’s Oreo Truffle Bombs

New Year’s Oreo Truffle Bombs

So I’m supposed to be taking a bit of a blogging break over the holidays…

And yet, I couldn’t resist posting this one last sweet before the year ends.  It’s a recipe you have probably either seen, eaten or made, so it’s not new. Today’s post is really just a twist on presentation, and I think it’s rather timely with New Year’s Eve just a day away…

This treat was actually a dessert my sister-in-law, Char, asked me to make to bring to her son’s birthday party.  She had actually planned to make it herself, but accepted the offer of help and sent… Continue reading

Peanut Butter Cluster Cups

Peanut Butter Cluster Cups

I know. The name is ridiculous.


When I came up with the idea of mashing up a peanut butter cup with a peanut cluster, we were out running some weekend errands. I was trying to think of a name for the candy and my husband offered up this one, Peanut Butter Cluster Cups. I broke out in a fit of hysterical laughter and said, “No! I couldn’t!


Clearly his ear did not hear what mine did because he looked at me quizzically and then answered with a challenge, “Why not?! It describes exactly what it is!” With kids in the back seat, (thankfully engaged with their own conversation,) I… Continue reading