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2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Coffee, Tea and Tranquility

Time to kick back and relax with my next 2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Coffee, Tea and Tranquility. There’s something for all of the senses on this list…sight, taste, touch, smell and sound.

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Coffee and Tea Gifts

Pour Over Coffee Maker-A great idea for your hipster coffee friend. Some say this method produces the most balanced cup of coffee. Consider the pouring process a moment of zen.

Pour Over Coffee Kettle-If you’re going the pour over route, then you’ll need the right kettle for the job. This one has a built in thermometer so that your water temp is just right for your beans. It also has a thin spout which will help you control the rate of pour.

French Press Coffee Maker-This choice is great for your coffee friends that are a bit more classic, but appreciate a good update. I like this one because it has insulated sides that keep the coffee hotter a bit longer.  A French press generally brews a stronger cup of coffee than the pour over method since the beans are actually steeping in the water instead of having water simply poured over them.

Electric Milk Frother-We use this to froth milk, of course. It’s also great for frothing hot chocolate or hot egg nog. (Yes, that’s a thing and soooo good!) The newest way my husband uses it is to aerate a fresh cup of coffee. Aerating coffee makes for a smoother, creamier cup. Seriously, it makes a difference.

Krups Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder– It’s better to use freshly ground beans than to buy them already ground. Your hipster friend will already know that. Maybe they already have a grinder. But, I like a second one just to use for grinding spices.

Coffee Grinder Brush and Scoop – You know…to clean the coffee grinder and a scoop to measure the coffee. Done and done!

Coffee Storage Canister – If you’re going to spend the time to hunt down some great beans, best to keep them fresh while you’re storing them!

Gift bundle ideas for coffee lovers: There are plenty of items here to bundle together for a bigger gift. Add in some gourmet coffee or coffee filters, a fun mug or some flavored coffee syrups. Add some homemade malted chocolate chip cookies!

Iron Flask– Once you brew your coffee or tea, this is a great way to take it with you. I love a vacuum insulated water bottle. It seriously keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold inside the bottle. But the outside of the bottle? It doesn’t sweat or get hot/cold. There are three different lids so you can choose your lid based on your beverage. Works for me!

Water Bottle Cleaning Set– If you’re going to gift a bottle, might as well make it easy to clean. This set has a bottle brush, a straw brush and a detail brush to get into any crevices.

Bamboo Leaf Luxury Tea Storage – This is a fun gift for your tea lover. It keeps different flavors of tea perfectly organized and easy to view. It’s also makes a great presentation when offering tea to guests.

Honey Sticks– Tea with honey? Here are five different flavors to choose from!

Gift bundle ideas for tea lovers: Add specialty teas, a pretty tea pot or tea cups. Pick out a vintage tea towel or some yummy tea biscuits. Or add some homemade scones!

The Gift of Scent

Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser – Keep calm and diffuse your favorite scent into any room. This one has four different working modes and 7 color changing lights. When it runs out of water, it automatically shuts off.

Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace – Wear your essential oil or even your perfume around your neck. Now, you can take your aromatherapy with you wherever you go.

Beauty Counter Citrus Mimosa Hand Soap– I feel like I get a little aromatherapy every time I wash my hands with this soap (and I wash my hands alot!) It’s silky, doesn’t dry my hands out and smells so refreshing. I like that it rinses easily and is made with organic, essential oils. As is their mission, Beauty Counter doesn’t use any of the harmful ingredients that I avoid in hand soaps, so I feel good using it.

Gift bundle ideas: Add bottles of essential oils for the diffusers. Add the Citrus Mimosa Hand Cream to the hand soap or add on a pretty hand or finger tip towel. The soap and hand towel could also make a nice hostess gift.

Tech Gifts

Tablift Tablet Stand– We call this thing, “The Spider.” It holds our tablets so that we can comfortably watch a movie in bed or lifts the screen to a good viewing height if the kids are hanging out on the floor. The bendable legs keep it steady on a variety of surfaces. It makes for relaxing, hands free viewing in whatever position is comfortable for you. We love it!

JBL Waterproof Clip 2 Bluetooth Speaker– I bought this after my son left my husband’s speaker out in the rain. If you’re looking for a great portable wireless speaker with good sound that won’t break the bank, this is it. After I bought my husband this speaker, I ended up buying two more because my kids were constantly borrowing it.

Portable Carry Case for JBL Speaker– The case that will help protect your JBL speaker. I just discovered the case this year. (Looks like I’m going to need three :)

Gifts for Plant Lovers

12 Air Plant Variety Pack– It never occurred to me to buy plants on line as a gift, until…it did. This is a great gift for someone who’d like some plants without a lot of maintenance. The person I gifted these to loved them!

Glass Vase Plant Terrarium with Metal Stand– This is a pretty home for a few air plants. Just arrange some moss and nestle in some plants.

Super Moss Moss Mix-Give your air plants a cozier foundation and a prettier presentation with moss.

Succulents – Since the air plant experiment was so successful, why not succulents? This is another great choice for a plant lover that needs a low maintenance plant. And with succulents, the more, the merrier!

White Ceramic Succulent Plant Pots– Give your succulents a place to hang out together. Here’s a pretty set for a trio of plants.

Gift bundle ideas for air plants/succulents- Add on a water mister or a gift certificate for more plants to help the garden keep “growing.”

Bed Buddy – I love this darn thing. It’s not slick or pretty. It’s certainly not glamorous, but it is so comforting for sore muscles or cramps. I even use it if I’m cold and can’t shake the chill. Your friend, the one that likes practical gifts that make you feel better, will thank you. You can stick it in the freezer if you need a cold pack or heat it in the microwave for a warm pack. It’s got some weight to it, so it’s easy to drape over any body part that needs some love. The weight itself is also comforting, another reason why I like it better than a heating pad.

That’s it for the 2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Coffee, Tea and Tranquility. Stick with me. I’ve got one more gift guide coming!

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Cyndi B

Wednesday 29th of November 2017

Very intrigued by the diffuser necklace! Also, I am going to aerate my coffee tomorrow!! Thanks for the great ideas.


Wednesday 29th of November 2017

I bought my daughter a similar necklace last year and she loves it! And, I'm not a coffee drinker, but my husband was impressed by the aerating process. He really said it made a difference.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.