Breakfast Cakes

Lemon Ricotta Crumb Cake


I’m hoping this Lemon Ricotta Crumb Cake sticks out from the myriad of back to school snacks, pumpkin and apple treats that are so popular this time of year.

Lemon Ricotta Crumb Cake. The perfect marriage of fresh citrus and rich ricotta cheese, topped with a buttery shortbread cookie crumb topping!

Is there a season for lemons? I get the taste for citrus in the winter months…hmmm…and I guess in the spring and definitely in the summer too. Probably not in the fall so much? Nah…Who am I kidding? I’d never turn down a lemon treat (especially a good lemon square :) I suppose I’m always in the mood for lemons.

I mean, is there anything better than a spoonful of buttery lemon curd? How about swirling it up with some… Continue reading

Raspberry Almond Cake

Raspberry Almond Cake

There are pros and cons to having a blog.

Raspberry Almond Cake 13

One of cons is not having as much time to try out new recipes from friends, family and other bloggers. Of course, after researching and testing recipes for years, I absolutely share favorites with you, but I’ve had to ramp up my own personal development of recipes as well for this blog. That takes a lot of time; time that cuts into making the thousands of recipes I have saved in binders and folders and book shelves, recipes that I’m just dying to try. This Raspberry Almond Cake was no different.

Raspberry Almond Cake 14

It was sent to me by Cyndi, one of my… Continue reading

Orange Olive Oil Cake

Orange Olive Oil Cake

Orange Olive Oil Cake…O.M.Y.  (Oh My Yum!)


A good friend generously coined this phrase after viewing one of my recent posts.  It might be too casual a term to describe what I think is just a slightly sophisticated cake, but I’m going to use it because it’s exactly what I thought after taking my first bite.

The first time I had an olive oil cake, I was with my sister.  We were in Santa Monica having lunch at True Food Kitchen.  We had just discovered it on the last day of a trip; I loved the concept, the menu and… Continue reading

Banana Bread Snack Cake

Banana Bread Snack Cake

This is banana bread masquerading as a snack cake.


A few years ago, one of the mom’s at my daughter’s school asked me if I had a “go to” banana bread recipe.  She knew I baked a lot and that I was always on the hunt to find or develop the perfect version of whatever my current obsession was.  At that time it was scones, so when she asked me about banana bread, I was a bit stumped.  I didn’t have a go to banana bread.  I had over a dozen recipes; some I liked better than others…some were lightened up, some decadent, but I didn’t… Continue reading

Cinnamon Apple Cake

Cinnamon Apple Cake

This is my favorite apple cake.


Somehow I had forgotten that I had a favorite apple cake recipe and was still researching recipes to try to create my favorite apple cake recipe, when luckily I unearthed this one. Forgetting about a favorite recipe isn’t unusual when one is recipe obsessed. Shelves and shelves of recipe books, magazines and clippings gathered over the years and a constant flow of new recipes and personal creations makes a perfect hiding place for a treasured recipe. I have a system to capture my favorites now, but this one existed before the system and therefore, slipped past me.


Thankfully,… Continue reading