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No Churn Nectarine Ice Cream. If you can whip cream, you can make ice cream! Fresh fruit and just three ingredients make this delicious frozen treat!

No Churn Nectarine Ice Cream


  • 2 ripe nectarines peeled, pits removed, and roughly chopped (see notes on peeling)
  • 3 ripe nectarines peeled, pits removed and diced
  • 1 14 ounce can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste or vanilla extract
  • 2 cups heavy whipping cream


  1. Puree the 2 roughly chopped nectarines with the sweetened condensed milk and vanilla using a food processor or blender (save the other 3 that are diced to mix in later.)
  2. In a large mixing bowl, whip cream to stiff peaks with an electric mixer.
  3. Fold sweetened condensed milk mixture into whipped cream.
  4. Place a piece of plastic wrap directly on the surface of your mixture and place the mixing bowl into the freezer so that it can firm up enough to hold the diced fruit. It should be the consistency of soft serve ice cream. That should take about 2 hours. Don't let it freeze completely or you won't be able to add the fruit.
  5. Once your mixture has thickened, fold in the remaining three diced nectarines. Transfer the mixture to your desired freezer container. Place a piece of plastic wrap directly on the surface to keep air from your mixture and cover with an airtight lid or cover tightly with foil. Freeze until firm. This will take another 2-3 hours depending upon your freezer and how firm you want your ice cream.

Recipe Notes

*To easily peel nectarines, cut a shallow "X" on the end of each piece of fruit. Place nectarine in a pot of boiling water for about 30 seconds. Remove from boiling water and place in a bowl of ice water for a few second to cool down. Then remove from ice bath and peel by simply pulling the skin off. Skin should peel off easily.

*Take extra care once your nectarines are peeled. They'll be very slippery. Use a dish towel or paper towels to keep them from slipping as you cut them. See blog post for more details on this.

*My nectarines were medium in size. *Check the volume of your container. This recipe make more than a quart so you may have to use more than one container.

*I always place a piece of plastic wrap directly on the surface of the ice cream while storing to protect it from air and the dreaded freezer burn.

*The recipe did not fit into my 1 1/2 quart ice cream container. I used a small second container to store the excess.

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