How to Cook Perfect Brown Rice

Don't settle for mushy, wet, sticky,  soggy or undercooked brown rice!

Start by removing the surface starch by rinsing the rice thoroughly . . .

 IGNORE the directions on your package of rice.

Now fill a pot with LOTS of water!

That's right . . .

This is the "PASTA METHOD" for cooking brown rice.

Add the rice to a pot of boiling water

Once cooked, strain the water from the rice.

The heat from the pot will steam away the rest of the moisture.

Then, pour strained rice back into the pot and cover. 

It's the easy and fool proof way to  cook brown rice!

You'll get beautifully fluffy brown rice every time!

Thank you! Works perfectly. Been cooking soggy brown rice for decades, now thanks to you I can enjoy fluffy brown rice for [hopefully] several more decades!

Thank you so much for this recipe. I FINALLY made brown rice that wasn’t sticky!!

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