Soft Gingerbread Cookies


These Soft Gingerbread Cookies transported me from a take ’em or leave ’em attitude to a complete convert on loving gingerbread cookies.

Soft Gingerbread Cookies. Soft, sink your teeth into it cookie with a nice balance of warm spices. Orange icing complements this delicious holiday treat!

This story isn’t quite like my Orange Chocolate Chip Shortbread story, where an accomplished baker bestowed upon me treats that would make that orange chocolate flavor combo a new favorite…no, that didn’t happen here.

Nope…what happened here is that I had children. And as they got old enough to enjoy the whole cookie baking and decorating process, I started to feel like we were missing out on the whole gingerbread cookie thing. We already had established our cookie decorating at Halloween with our Peanut Butter Cut Out Cookies… Continue reading

Orange Chocolate Chip Shortbread


There are simply too many cookie opportunities and not enough time to make and share them all…

Orange Chocolate Chip Shortbread. Rolled thicker for a softer bite. Flavored with fresh orange and chocolate. Delicious plain or drizzled with orange icing.

However, this little number, Orange Chocolate Chip Shortbread, was made right after I made Spiced Shortbread. You might say I’m on a bit of a shortbread kick. Why? Because it’s such an easy cookie to whip up.

Orange Chocolate Chip Shortbread. Rolled thicker for a softer bite. Flavored with fresh orange and chocolate. Delicious plain or drizzled with orange icing.

I mentioned in the Spiced Shortbread post that I don’t usually make a lot of shortbread, even though I love it. I broke the seal on that with the spiced version and was so pleased with the ease of making it and the delicious outcome, I am now on that aforementioned “kick.” I want to… Continue reading

Slice and Bake Cheesecake Cookies


I have been planning to share these Slice and Bake Cheesecake Cookies with you for 2 years now…

Slice and Bake Cheesecake Cookies. Cream cheese, fresh citrus and a nutty graham coating make these cookies reminiscent of a slice of cheesecake.

What took so long? Well, I have to say the blog is to blame. I hate to say it, but it’s true. Yep, baking for a blog gets in the way of normal personal baking activities, which in turn gets in the way of blog baking. It’s a vicious cycle. I’ve mentioned, many times, the boatloads of cookies I bake each year. The first blogging Christmas I had was a challenge to say the least. Trying to schedule in my own baking around a blog baking schedule was new and different; it… Continue reading

Spiced Shortbread


We’re going to ease into cookie baking this year with some Spiced Shortbread.

Spiced Shortbread mixes up in one bowl and bakes up to a lovely buttery, crisp but tender cookie that has the added warmth of cinnamon, ginger and cloves.

The truth is…there’s a million things that I want to make for you and only a very short time to share them and, of course, make them. So, I’ve had to edit. This is the problem I have every year when making my list for Christmas baking. By the time I get to 16 choices, my husband is advising me to shorten the list. Many of them I’ve blogged about, but every year there are other cookies that I want to make, like shortbread. I think I’ve only made it a couple of times for my… Continue reading

Valentine Meringues

Valentine Meringues

I love, love, love Valentine’s Day!


Unlike New Year’s Eve where I’ve always felt like the world requires you to have someone to kiss at midnight, for me, Valentine’s Day is about ALL the love. Love for parents, kids, friends and of course, if you have a special someone, well…I simply consider that a bonus.

I love making Valentine’s treats and this year, I decided to whip up some pretty little Valentine Meringues. They’re somewhat of a guilt free pleasure (relative to the other decadent treats available this time of year.) It’s been awhile since I’d made meringues, but they’re pretty easy if you just follow the directions.  These… Continue reading

Minty Cocoa Snowballs

Minty Cocoa Snowballs

I don’t know if you’ve noticed…

Minty Cocoa Snowballs-10

but there’s been a lot of confectioner’s sugar action going on in my last couple of posts. First there was the Shortcut Stollen, then the Eggnog Kringla. Today, we’re going back for another dip in the fluffy white stuff with these Minty Cocoa Snowballs. It’s the only fluffy white stuff for miles because it’s been downright spring like here in Philly.

As I’ve mentioned before, I normally make an insane amount cookies/candies during the holidays, and I mean insane, like over 1400. Usually there’s about 16 different kinds and I’m making double and triple batches of each. Last year, I started paring… Continue reading

Eggnog Kringla

Eggnog Kringla

It’s always so hard to narrow down my Christmas cookie baking list.

Eggnog Kringla-17

This Eggnog Kringla is a mainstay, but it fell off the list the past couple of years because I was trying out other recipes and ran out of time. I always have to make Italian Biscotti; that recipe and this one both require rolling and shaping the cookies. When I’m baking a ridiculous amount of cookies, sometimes this one falls off.

Eggnog Kringla-7

And then… I regret not making it. We love this cookie and my daughter specifically asked me, “Will you please, please, please make Eggnog Kringla this year?” I had planned on it any way, so there… Continue reading

Fudge Topped Peanut Butter Cookie Tarts

Fudge Topped Peanut Butter Cookie Tarts

Ignore these Fudge Topped Peanut Butter Cookie Tarts for just a minute…

Fudge Topped Peanut Butter Cookie Tarts-10

How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was a whirlwind of baking/cooking…starting with a double birthday celebration the day before Thanksgiving. Yes. I’m insane. Two completely different birthday cakes the day before I cooked the entire Thanksgiving meal. I did it though. I got it all done and the food was delish and I’m pretty sure both birthday girls were happy with their cakes. One cake was chocolate fudge, filled with the birthday girl’s favorite Whipped Cream Cream Cheese Frosting mixed with mini chocolate chips. It was frosted with the same frosting without the chips….then, she wanted it covered… Continue reading

Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies

Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hey there.  I’ve got a new Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe for you.


Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I’m not big on picking a favorite anything and I have learned after trying many many chocolate chip cookie recipes that you can have more than one that you love.  We’ve always loved our Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, and to this day, they remain my husband’s favorite.  My tastes have changed over time and while I still like that cookie, I can’t call it my absolute favorite.

So I’ve tweaked and tested and played around with different ideas and come up with some others that I enjoy as… Continue reading

Raspberry Rugelach

Raspberry Rugelach

I only make Raspberry Rugelach during the holidays.


But why?  It’s one of my favorite cookies.  I’ll buy them in bakeries during the year, so why not make them more often?  I made Gingerbread Pancakes last week because I had leftover Whipped Cream Cream Cheese Frosting and needed something to put it on.  I’ve mentioned in previous posts that Pumpkin Waffles are a year round treat.  Call it rebel baking, but lately I’ve been throwing the traditional baking calendar to the wind and making whatever we want whenever we want it.

Raspberry Rugelach NEW B-2

The truth is I was supposed to make these cookies during the… Continue reading