One Bowl Fudgy Pumpkin Brownies


I’ve been working on testing out a cake for you for the past couple of weeks, but until that’s ready, I’ve got One Bowl Fudgy Pumpkin Brownies!

One Bowl Fudgy Pumpkin Brownies uses pumpkin puree and a hit of pumpkin spice. The texture is reminiscent of flourless chocolate cake mashed up with a pumpkin pie. So good!

I figured Halloween is just days away, and brownies probably trump cake this week. Hopefully, you’re making some other fun treats like Halloween Brownie Bark or Peanut Butter Cut Out Cookies. But maybe you need something a little less whimsical…something that doesn’t have eyes or a face :)

As a blogger, I have tried to accept that I don’t have time to make old favorites as often as I used to. I’ve read about bloggers who say they rarely made anything twice.… Continue reading

Fudgy Zucchini Brownies

Fudgy Zucchini Brownies

Welcome to my new summer chocolate obsession…Fudgy Zucchini Brownies!

Fudgy Zucchini Brownies. A super fudgy brownie that mixes up easily in your food processor! Lower in sugar, flour and fat than many traditional brownie recipes.

To be honest, I haven’t had much of an appetite for sweets this summer. It’s just been too hot (and we’ve already talked about being under the weather for most of the season.) But, there was just something about these brownies that got to me.

I didn’t actually think you could make Fudgy Zucchini Brownies. Most of the zucchini flecked brownies I’ve seen are actually more like cake, masquerading as brownies. When I saw this recipe on King Arthur Flour, and then I saw that you don’t even have to grate the zucchini…I was sold. (Do you hate grating things?… Continue reading

Millionaire Magic Bars

Millionaire Magic Bars

Millionaire Magic Bars. They say third time’s a charm…

Millionaire Magic Bars-14

As I write this, I have my third test batch of these Millionaire Magic Bars in the oven. I’m pretty confident (she said hopefully) that this batch is going to be THE batch. Of course, I was confident that the first two batches were THE batch also. I even shot them. Two whole photo shoots, wasted :( But, I’ve got a good feeling about this batch of Millionaire Magic Bars. This batch is going to be the magic batch! I’m so confident, I’m going to do a third photo shoot before I even taste it. But I’m getting ahead of myself.… Continue reading

Halloween Brownie Bark

Halloween Brownie Bark

Halloween is Saturday!

Halloween Brownie Bark-7

Yikes! I knew it was Saturday…but somehow, last Friday, I was thinking I still had two weeks. Yep, in my head, I was thinking I had two weeks to finish costumes, bake our traditional Halloween cookies, carve pumpkins, get ready for the week’s festivities and blog about the holiday…not to mention all the rest of life’s challenges that need attention. But then I realized that there was only ONE week! That’s why today I’m posting Halloween Brownie Bark, instead of the savory recipe I was planning on posting. I had been planning for weeks to make this bark for you, but I got caught up in… Continue reading

Dulce de Leche Brownies

Dulce de Leche Brownies

Cinco de Mayo was last week.

dulce de leche brownies-9

So was the teacher appreciation lunch for which I made these amazing Dulce de Leche Brownies. That was then. This is now. It’s Doce de Mayo and a fine day to share this really easy and ridiculously delicious recipe with you.

For a few years, I thought if the theme for this annual May event was ever Cinco de Mayo, I would make a Tres Leches Cake. I tucked the idea away for the future. Then, when I heard about this year’s theme, I was ready to start baking…until I heard we didn’t need any cakes (What?!? No Tres Leches?!?) We just needed… Continue reading

Vanilla Chai Sugar Cookie Bars

Vanilla Chai Sugar Cookie Bars

It’s going to be 86 degrees here today.

vanilla chai sugar cookie bars set two-3

And, maybe this recipe for Vanilla Chai Sugar Cookie Bars would be more appropriate for a fall post. But I might not be feeling Vanilla Chai Sugar Cookie Bars in October.  So here they are in May, on Cinco de Mayo, no less.  No worries though…I’ve got you covered for the day with some of my posts from last week, like Pico de Gallo or Pineapple Coconut Tres Leches Cake.

vanilla chai sugar cookie bars set one

Sugar cookie bars were a big trend a couple of years ago.  They are the perfect answer to making frosted sugar cookies in a short amount of time.… Continue reading

Chewy Nutty Toffee Blondies

Chewy Nutty Toffee Blondies

I am a certified blondie lover.


Some people might say they are simply a chocolate chip cookie baked in bar form.  But one bite of these Chewy Nutty Toffee Blondies and I dare say that you won’t be thinking about chocolate chip cookies.  Blondies have a buttery, caramel-ly wonderful warm flavor.  It’s a different ratio of flour, butter and sugars that give you that deliciousness.


I’d even venture to say they’re kind of butterscotch-y but not like butterscotch chips, which I used to love as a kid and can’t tolerate as an adult.  Not sure what happened there, but the last time I used them in… Continue reading

Black Cocoa Brownies

Black Cocoa Brownies

I’ve been on the hunt for a perfect brownie for awhile now.


Black Cocoa Brownies were the last ones I was experimenting with when we all cried, “uncle!” and stopped the brownie madness.  The brownie madness was a period of brownie testing I went through, searching for the secret to the perfect cakey, chewy, fudgy texture.  This all happened well before the blog, otherwise I would have documented the whole process for you.

I used to always make brownies from a box and quite frankly, I still keep a box in the pantry for those times when I just want to mix something up quickly.… Continue reading

Turtle Brownie Bark

Turtle Brownie Bark

Now that we’re past the mid point of January, I think it’s high time we break out some chocolate…and some caramel…and some pecans…


How about some Turtle Brownie Bark?  This is the latest iteration of the beloved Brownie Bark, that crispy, chewy thin yummy brownie treat.  Have you tried it yet?  Or perhaps Peppermint Brownie Bark was the one to win you over.  Maybe you haven’t even heard of it?  If not, definitely click over to the original post for all the delicious details.  (It was my first post on this blog!)


I decided to take one of my very favorite… Continue reading

Raspberry White Chocolate Almond Blondies

Raspberry White Chocolate Almond Blondies

I make about 1400 cookies/candies every holiday season.


Yes.  1400.  It’s insane.  It’s usually divided up among about 16 different kinds, some recipes doubled, some quadrupled, but however you look at it, it’s a lot of treats.  I dialed it back last year by not doubling or quadrupling so much, trying to coordinate with our ever changing gifting needs.  I usually include a list of the cookies to help the recipient identify the different varieties.  Raspberry White Chocolate Almond Blondies  has been on the list EVERY year since the first time I made them.  They are a favorite of many and… Continue reading